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Blum Campaign Announces Black Hawk County Steering Committee

Today Rod Blum, Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 1st District, announced the campaign’s initial Black Hawk County Steering Committee. “I’m humbled to have the support of so many wonderful citizens in the Cedar Valley,” said Blum. “Successful campaigns are built on a foundation of strong support from grassroots activists and community leaders.”

“The diversity and strength of this committee demonstrates the excitement surrounding Rod’s campaign in Black Hawk County,” said Paul Smith, Director of Operations for the campaign. “I look forward to working with each of these 29 individuals in the sweeping effort to elect a Congressman who understands that Iowans in the 1st District want principled, common sense leadership. We are dedicated to having the strongest organization in this race and are proud to add this group to over 145 committed county leaders throughout the district.”

Blum for Congress Black Hawk County Steering Committee:


Kermit & Carol Allard                              Justin Jensen                 

Darin Beck                                               Steve Kennedy

Zach Beschorner                                    Mike & Peggy LaCoste

Nathan Bolton                                         Priscilla Needelman

Jason & Dawn Burns                              Lee & Barb Paradine

Jon & Dawn Champion                           Greg Radke

Carole Deeds                                          Calvin & Denise Smith

Bob Eft                                                     Reed Spore

Bob Fahr                                                  Sarah Stokes

Craig Fairbanks                                      Ron Wheeler

Harold Getty                                            Rick Young

Carmen Halverson

To join Rod’s Black Hawk County team, please visit, or call (563) 581-9677.


Blum Campaign Announces Director of Operations

Rod Blum, candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 1st Congressional district, announced today the addition of Paul Smith to serve as the campaign’s Director of Operations.

Mr. Smith is a graduate in Religious Studies at Hillsdale College in Michigan, but more recently served as the West Texas Field Director on the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign.  His professional background also includes experience in both the non-profit and political arenas, specializing in field operations, online/social media and fundraising.

“We are excited to welcome Paul to our team,” said Blum. “His experience engaging the grassroots and rallying activists around conservative principles will be valuable assets to this campaign as we work to restore Constitutional integrity in Washington and fight to protect Iowans from massive Federal expansion and intrusion on all fronts.”

“I couldn’t be happier to join this grassroots effort to send Rod Blum to Washington,” Mr. Smith said. “The sheer number of people already activated to support Rod from the previous campaign is impressive and now includes 12 County Chairs and over 100 Precinct Captains within the district. This is a large coalition representative of the entire conservative spectrum.  Campaigns are won on the ground and this substantial base of support is already in place, it is growing daily and can lead Republicans to victory in the 2014 general election.”


Common Core: More Federal Government Overreach

Rod Blum, candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 1st Congressional district, says the Common Core Standards were poorly designed and testing students at a national, one-size fits all manner can’t produce reliable results.

“This is not a left versus right issue or a Democrat versus Republican issue – this is about the education of our children and grandchildren.  Common Core is yet another example of the federal government overstepping its bounds – the carrot is always the allure of ‘free’ federal funding which virtually guarantees buy-in at the state and local levels.”

“One of my biggest issues with Common Core is the fact that it treats all students as identical, as the name of the program alludes to.  It appears to me that Common Core emphasizes the teaching of facts versus the teaching of understanding.   Being able to regurgitate tidbits about the Revolutionary War is a far cry from being able to understand what led to the war in the first place.”

“Much like ObamaCare, Washington is of the mindset that one size fits all throughout our vast and diverse country and I couldn’t disagree more.  I strongly believe that education should be controlled at the state and local level.”

“I stand with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who submitted a letter to the Senate Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education asking to ‘restore state decision-making’ and echo their sentiments that ‘parents ought to have a straight line of accountability to those who are making such decisions.’  Let’s hope that the Subcommittee’s Chair, Senator Tom Harkin, also a fellow Iowan, finds the same level of common sense with regard to Common Core as his Iowa colleague.”


Congress should never exempt itself from the Law of the Land

Citing reports from multiple media outlets that members of Congress are currently in talks to exempt themselves from ObamaCare, Rod Blum, Republican candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, says that Congress should never exempt itself from the Law of the Land.

“At a time when Iowans and Iowa businesses are already struggling trying to determine the impact ObamaCare will have on their families and employees, it is inexcusable that Congress would seek to exempt themselves from it,” said Blum.  “Even Senate Finance Committee Chair, Max Baucus (D-MT) recently stated that Obamacare was ‘headed for a trainwreck’! Congressman Bruce Braley, who once said he was convinced Obamacare would be good for Iowa, backtracked on his strong support of the law, and admitted that ‘unfortunately, we don’t know right now’ how it impacts Iowans.”

“I’m proud that my fellow Iowan, Senator Chuck Grassley did the right thing in 2009 when he inserted an Amendment to the bill requiring Congress and their staff to participate in ObamaCare.  Hopefully these reports will make sure that any attempts for exemption are met with swift public disapproval and talks are abandoned.”

“Rather than act as if they are above the law, what Congress should really do is exempt every single American from the monstrosity that is ObamaCare.  Market based solutions to our health care challenges are a tried and true method for reducing costs and if we embrace these at state and national levels, costs will decrease while quality increases.”


Rod Blum announces candidacy for Congress

Dubuque businessman, Rod Blum, today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to Congress from Iowa’s First Congressional District. Blum, a first time candidate in 2012, ran in the Republican primary and nearly upset nominee Ben Lange in a very close race 52% – 47%.

Citing widespread grassroots support and calls for him to run, Blum wrote in an email to voters in the First District, “with so many critical issues facing our country and the support of so many throughout Eastern Iowa, I have decided to enter the race to represent Iowa’s First District in the United States Congress.”

Also important to Blum was the issue of returning control back to local communities from Washington.  “I will fight to keep more of our tax dollars in Iowa so those dollars may strengthen our schools, our infrastructure and our communities.  Keeping your tax dollars here, keeps accountability here, where you have more control how and where they are spent.”

Blum is a native of Dubuque. He received his undergraduate degree in Business from Loras College and his M.B.A. from the University of Dubuque. Following school he took a job in the computer industry and was C.E.O. of a software development company which eventually went public on the NASDAQ stock exchange.  Blum has also been honored as Iowa High-Tech Entrepreneur of the Year by the prestigious award program sponsored by Ernst & Young. He currently is an owner of Digital Canal Software and is also a real estate developer.

A formal campaign event kickoff is planned for later this summer.

More information can be found at


Full Text of the announcement email below –

To the Voters of the First District:

The country we all love is in crisis.  Tenets that made America the greatest country on Earth are under attack. Personal responsibility, fiscal sanity, the sanctity of life, constitutionally limited government and economic freedom are out of fashion in Washington DC.  We all suffer when these principles are abandoned.

Most in Washington believe in the power of the government – I believe in the power of the individual, freedom and liberty.   Millions of Americans, doing what’s best for their families every day, are the miracle of the free market system.  This system of economic freedom has given our families the highest standard of living in the world.  But in the last decade of big government, more regulations and out of control government spending has resulted in lower incomes, higher costs and a smaller middle class.

Perhaps the greatest threat to Iowan families is our ever increasing national debt.  Our leaders in Washington are addicted to spending and their fiscal insanity threatens to destroy our country.  Our national debt has grown by 50% under President Obama and is now a staggering $142,000 per household and is on track to be an astounding $227,000 for every family in Iowa by 2023!  Our children and grandchildren should not start out their adult lives with this huge debt on their backs because we didn’t have the courage to deal with it.

The solution doesn’t lie in ever-increasing taxes and spending; in fact federal tax revenues are projected to set an all-time record this year.  As President Reagan often said, “We can’t spend our way to prosperity”.  He understood that real and lasting prosperity can only be generated through free enterprise in the private sector.  There is simply not a way to raise taxes high enough to balance current spending levels.  The only answer is to send people to Washington who will vote to STOP the out-of-control spending, keep our markets free, and return our country to the limited government mandated by the Constitution.

When I traveled throughout the First District during my 2012 campaign, it confirmed my belief that there is something special about Iowans.  I have been humbled by the number of these Iowans who have reached out to me, asking me to run.  With this outpouring of grassroots support, and the critical issues facing our country, I have decided to enter the race to represent Iowa’s First District in the United States Congress. I will carry the message of Thomas Jefferson to Washington when he said “the government that governs the best is closest to the people.”  I will fight to lessen the influence Washington has over our lives here in Iowa.  I will fight to keep more of our tax dollars in Iowa so those dollars may strengthen our schools, our infrastructure and our communities.  Keeping your tax dollars here, keeps accountability here, where you have more control how and where they are spent.

Changing Washington will not be easy.  But rest assured I am not interested in becoming a career politician; rather I will go to Washington with a passion and belief that we can restore the principles and tenets that made America great.  I ask you to join our team today – TOGETHER we can make Iowan families stronger and brighten the future for many generations to come.